How to Elevate your LinkedIn Profile

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Over the past few years, LinkedIn has become of the most important social media websites for business. Why? It offers us a better way to network with our colleagues in the same industry. Not only that, but it allows us to reach our clients on a whole different platform.

To effectively use this tool to boost your audience reach, you have to make sure your profile is up to snuff. Here are a few tips and tricks you can apply to your profile today to successfully portray the best profile needed to reach your target clientele or a hiring manager.  

Headlines are important

You have 120 characters to pull your audience in and you need to use them effectively! Words in a headline may seem as though they’re not as pertinent than the rest of the information in your profile, but this is untrue. Your headline is the most important piece of the profile as it’s the first and sometimes the only thing hiring managers will see when they scroll through their search feed.

So, what should you do with your headline? First and foremost, it should be informative. While headlines are short and sweet, they need to focus on having significant information to draw viewers in to read the rest of your profile.

Second, the headline should have keywords that makes sense to your audience. This will not only draw your clients to your specific profile, but it will also ensure you’re getting the right eyeballs to see it.

Your headline should reflect you and the services you offer. While “Client Manager” is what your title is, you should use those 120 characters to elaborate one why you’re a diverse client manager that can offer clients personalized service they wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Include financial buzzwords

Headlines are important to draw your audience in, but your summary should continue to showcase your industry knowledge. By using key financial buzzwords throughout your profile, this will allow clients to understand the kind of services you offer.

Do you specialize in portfolio management? What about hedge funds? Maybe you’re a technical trading specialist. Whatever the case may be, ensuring buzzwords and your skills are specifically stated in your LinkedIn profile will make sure your profile is on top for those people seeking those talents.

Share relevant content

You know a lot about the financial services industry, and that means you know when a good news story should be shared on your LinkedIn. Since the invention of Web 2.0, there has been multiple ways for people to share educational and pertinent articles. You should ensure, because LinkedIn is a business website, that you’re spreading articles that make sense for you to share.

When specifically trying to share content to attract new clients, make sure the source is credible. If you’re a financial advisor, sharing an article like this will peak your audience’s interest and give them great information on when it is the perfect time to hire a financial advisor.

Recommendations are key

We’ve all seen those profiles where people have dozens upon dozens of recommendations from former colleagues, clients and managers they’ve worked with or for. Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile are great for proving your reliability and backing up your skills.

Recommendations you can obtain from previous and current clients as well as colleagues will not only build your credibility, but it will show potential clients your success rate. You can ask your clients to rate your services and send them a link to directly recommend you on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a great way to reach your current and future potential clients or employers. By ensuring your profile is up to date and full of relevant information, you will attract the right audience.

If you need a little more guidance on how to elevate your LinkedIn profile or to discuss your career goals, contact me today! 


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