Growth Through Platform Migration

Today more and more successful advisors are questioning the value of their dealers and whether a change in platforms makes sense. For those advisors who have reached a point in their careers where the traditional dealer or standard “grid model” affords little-added benefit or incentive, Jones Graham provides careful analysis and planning that ensures all options are placed on the table. To this end, we have partnered with select ICPM (Investment Counselor / Portfolio Manager) and IIROC firms across Canada that do not subscribe to the traditional grid philosophy. In fact, we can even assist you in starting your own ICPM firm if you are so inclined. The end goal is to create a unique value proposition and greater independence while putting more of the revenue back where it rightfully belongs, into the practice you have worked so hard to build. Specifically, we can work with you in the following ways:

Join an Existing ICPM

  1. Assessing and understanding your current lifestyle and practice objectives
  2. Discretely introducing you to pre-qualified ICPM’s or IIROC firms that meet your criteria. Through our due diligence process, JGCI understands all aspects of our partner firms including management and investment style, acceptable terms, holding our requirements, performance and most importantly, the personal qualities of the individuals within these firms.
  3. Navigating negotiations, purchase sale agreements, taxation, income splitting and other options required to make the transition a success.

Become your own ICPM

JGCI has partnered with one of Canada’s leading compliance firms that provides a tailored and out of the box solution to becoming your own ICPM. We can assist in cost modeling, technology, marketing and even outsourcing all your compliance requirements in order to convert your IIROC practice into a viable and flourishing ICPM. Our modeling process allows for accurate revenue and forecasting prior to transitioning your practice.

Transition Services that start with your needs

For advisors seeking to pass the torch to the next generation, our transition services offer unbiased and meaningful advice. Our process starts with your personal requirements, an assessment and valuation of your practice through to the introduction of only pre-qualified purchasers. We will treat your practice with the respect it deserves. To be clear, we will never act like spammers and will only disclose your practice information when it benefits you. Having direct access to both legal and accounting professionals experienced in practice migration makes the process even more seamless. While anyone can find a buyer for their book of business, finding the right buyer to take care of clients needs, at the right price, and with minimal disruption is an art form. At JGCI we take the guesswork out of transitioning your practice through:

  1. Assessing your lifestyle and practice objectives
  2. Valuating your practice in a fair and reasonable manner
  3. Marketing your practice to only qualified advisors and firms
  4. Educating you with respect to key legal, tax and business considerations
  5. Introducing you to accounting and legal personnel
  6. Positioning the transition to clients in an effective manner to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion

Whether you are an advisor who has plateaued at a traditional dealer or one who would like to start planning your own retirement, considering all the options can be a daunting task, to say the least.

At this critical point in time, why leave anything to chance?

Let Jones Graham’s Growth and Transition Services assist you in achieving your personal and business goals today.

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