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Why hire a coach?

Nicole is a Recruiter and Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, a Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP), and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT). With over 13 years of career consulting, resume reviews, interview coaching and hands-on recruiting for hundreds of jobs at all levels in the financial services sector, Nicole has advised hundreds, possibly thousands of people in their job searches. She knows what Employers want to see in a candidate. She cares.  She genuinely cares about your success and finding a job you love. You’ll work directly with Nicole and have access to her and her expertise. She’s committed to her clients and their success by delivering comprehensive, personalized services that will increase your confidence and help you achieve your career goals. Pricing is determined after a free, no pressure consulting call.

Hiring a coach can change your life.

  • Coaches can help you identify blocks and see things clearly, they listen and ask good questions to help you focus, whether if you’re wanting to leave your job, find a new job, help to deal with a difficult boss or colleague.
  • Coaches can help you set and achieve new or difficult goals in your life.
  • They also hold you accountable, if you’ve committed to a deadline you’ll have to explain to your coach why you missed it and usually those excuses sound kind of weak once you start to explain them.
  • Coaches will help you put a plan or a strategy together for the next step in a career or job. A coach can objectively discuss ideas you have, fantastic, crazy, wild or otherwise and help you improve on them or even come up with better ones and help decide if you should chase them or not.
  • Sometimes we get caught up in our own beliefs, perspectives, personal biases, pre-conceived ideas, a coach can give you an unbiased view and a totally different perspective that will if you’re open to it, help you look at things differently or help you to shape some new ideas. With Nicole’s training in CBT she can identify that sometimes a stall in a career can be just a self-limiting belief.
  • Working with a coach will make you take yourself seriously, you’ll be motivated to get value for your investment of time and money.
  • A coach can help you align your business or career values with your life’s values.
  • Most importantly working with a career coach can help you get a job!

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

A LinkedIn profile is a must-have tool for your career search. Your well-crafted profile and a relevant network is the foundation for being discovered by hiring managers in your industry. Nicole will show you how to stand out and be found in hiring managers searches.



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Job Search Strategy

Nicole will show you how to market yourself to hiring managers, recruiters, and employers to find a great job. Every session will be based on your needs and specific circumstances, using innovative and proven job-searching strategies. This is an aggressive, hands-on and outside-of-the-box approach tailored to you and what you’re willing to put into it.

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Resume Review

A strong resume is the first impression you get to make with Employers and the most important marketing tool, so you need to ensure that it does a good job and impresses them. As a professional recruiter, Nicole has seen thousands and thousands of resumes and knows what works and what doesn’t.



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Interview Coaching

Mock Interview coaching, crafting answers for problems, getting fired, spotty work histories.  Nicole can help you refine your answers and help with delivery of your story which will inspire confidence for the actual interview.





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